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Cnidaria Coleoptera Eurosid 1


TimeTree is a public knowledge-base for information on the tree-of-life and its evolutionary timescale. For those interested in published summaries of relationships and divergence times of major groups of organisms, see publications from Hedges and Kumar (2009) and Hedges et al. (2015). For reviews of the history and methods of time estimation, and other useful information, see RESOURCES. TimeTree is jointly directed by Blair Hedges and Sudhir Kumar (Temple University). We encourage suggestions for improvement of this resource (see CONTACT).

Current staff members include: Glen Stecher and Michael Suleski (Software and Database Developers), Adrienne Kasprowicz (Data Research and Assembly), Jack Craig (Post-doctoral Researcher), Michael Li and Nicholas Harras (Website design and Development). Previously we have been assisted by Kelly Boccia, Bremen Braun, Tina Dennison, Brooke Gattens, Angela Graham, Sarah Hanson, Matthew Heinicke, Mandy Hippenstiel, Louise Huuki, Audrie Kapinus, Jared Knoblauch, Lainey Lee, Kelly Lipp, Julie Marin, Angela Marion, Michael McCutchan, Jaclyn McKay, Molly Oberholtzer, Madelyn Owens, Wayne Parkhurst, Davide Pisani, Kathy Plavnik, Megan Powell, Prachi Shaw, Allie Shoffner, Lindsay Stork, Vinod Swarna, Graziela Valente, Curtis Williams, and Lin-Wei Wu. We continue to receive helpful feedback from our colleagues in the evolutionary biology community.

This project has been supported, in part, by grants from the National Science Foundation, NASA Astrobiology Institute, and Science Foundation of Arizona.

TimeTree should be cited as: S. Kumar, M. Suleski, J.E. Craig, A.E. Kasprowicz, M. Sanderford, M. Li, G. Stecher, and S.B. Hedges, 2022. TimeTree 5: An Expanded Resource for Species Divergence Times. Molecular Biology and Evolution, DOI: 10.1093/molbev/msac174.


Images shown on this site

  • F. Bossuyt (frog), F. Forest (fxslower), Z. Hang (fish)
  • S. Hinshaw (hummingbird), P. Naskrecki (beetle)
  • D. J. Patterson (algae), A. Rogers (cnidarian), and A. Wild (bee)